Worship Empowerment Wish List

The following is the Wish List for Milca Kakete and Worship Empowerment. As God puts a burden in your heart to support this ministry, please do not hesitate to donate to help us meet the goals that God has prepared for us during our short tenure on earth. May you help us make a difference in the lives of many across the world.

  • Raise funds for upcoming projects, about $10,000.
  • Host Live Worship Empowerment Events, Live Concerts 4 times a year, once every quarter.
  • Be able to send Christmas gifts every year to children in Tanzania as part of “For the Love of Christmas” project.
  • Raise $2,000 for bicycles for Evangelists in rural areas in Tanzania.

For the Love for Christmas is a project envisioned by my daughter who wishes to launch it and start sending parcels to children who dream to have new cloth, new pair of shoes, and a good meal JUST for Christmas day. The target is countries in Africa but will start with Tanzania, my home country. This project is surreal for me as it reminds me of my upbringing where my parents as missionaries could not afford many choices to make me happy even during big events like Christmas and Easter, year after year. Please donate.