Meet Milca Kakete

Milca Kakete is the last born out of a family of four. She is married to Shephan Kakete and they are blessed with three children. They currently live in Edmonton, Canada.

Milca is a gifted Worship minister with amazing talent. She is a sought out Worship Minister across the globe. She is a songwriter in both English and Swahili languages. Currently, Milca owns over 20 songs not yet recorded. She is open to bless other singers with her written songs upon request.

Milca believes that worship starts from within and it is a lifestyle. The beauty of her voice will mean nothing if say she sings, “I surrender all” but without true surrender to God as she worships God in spirit and truth.

Milca’s calling:

  • To be able to reach to the broken-hearted
  • To show compassion and love of Jesus Christ to the lost
  • To be able to proclaim the liberty found in Jesus Christ.

Milca is passionate to start hosting live worship concerts once every three months. Check out Milca Kakete’s Wish List.

Growing up, Milca was inspired by her mom who is a great worshiper and has a jumbo heart for God, loves God immensely. Her mom is a natural evangelist who shares the word of God simply and naturally and makes the word of God come to light. Her mom was the main motivation behind her passion and devout love for God.

Her mom is a good singer too … there you go … you know where I’m going, right? Milca is a brilliant singer too. Her father passed away when Milca was just eleven years old; so her mom has been the main influence in her life. Her passion and love for God have been instrumental in propelling her into greater heights in ministry.

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